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Top-Notch Carpet Dyeing

Do you have a carpet that has faded or has a section that’s been stained or lost its color from bleach? Replacing a carpet can be costly, so many people turn to carpet dyeing instead of replacement when possible. But properly performing dyeing is a delicate process and should be left to the professionals.

When We Clean Carpet, It Saulclean.

When We Fix A Bleach Spot, It Saulgone.

Bringing Out The Original Glory In Your Carpeting

At SaulClean – Carpet & Rug Dyeing, we have extensive experience in carpet dyeing and have been able to save homeowners and business owners thousands of dollars with our successful dyeing practices. Our specialists are highly trained in color coordination concepts and are experts at restoring your carpet so that it looks natural and seamless. Our multi-step process takes into consideration the carpet fiber type, the pH level of the material, and the severity of the stained, bleached, or faded section.

Our certified technicians use only products that are deemed completely safe for your carpet as well as the environment. You can rest assured your results will last a lifetime and your carpets will not revert back to their diminished conditioned. We can also create custom colors to your liking. Contact us today to request service.

Bleach Spot Repair

Got ugly bleach spots on your carpet? SaulClean – Carpet & Rug Dyeing can remove those faded orange, yellow, or white spots on your carpet easily. Our team possesses the knowledge and tools to restore your carpet back to its original color. We can also restore multicolored or patterned carpets.

Full Room Dyeing

Want to change the color of your carpet, but don’t want the hassle of ripping the carpet out and installing a new one? Our team can create beautiful, custom colors for your carpet for a faster, stress-free process. We can help you update your home’s aesthetic.

Color Clean

Our team can restore your faded or worn carpets so that they look brand-new. Our team uses our industry-leading techniques and dyes to bring new life to your carpet. We’ll get your carpet looking vibrant and beautiful again.

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